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The vibrancy of Taiwan lives in everyday subtleties. Comfort in every corner, from the smell of tea eggs in the 7-11 to the waft of incense lingering from the neighborhood temple. A spirited perspective on the world that is apparent as you walk around the streets: a payphone disguised as a frog, manhole covers not camouflaged in the pavement but rather used as canvases for art. A day in Taiwan begins at a nondescript breakfast stall where locals sit on plastic stools, watching steam rise from the flat top griddle. The cook deftly folds an egg pancake into a perfect roll before slicing it into pillowy pieces.

Melamine bowls of soy milk at every table, hot, cold, sweet, salty - any style, you can pick. Cicadas echo in the trees and the sun warms the asphalt, lifting the wet from last night’s rain into the air. As the balmy day simmers into night, the markets come to life. Lanterns strung across the dark blue sky. Cart after cart of street snacks, a delicious maze. You plan your stomach space accordingly. The vibrancy of Taiwan also lives in its people. The culture steeped in kindness and acceptance - it’s what you notice first and remember forever.  

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